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No wire cutting required, simply plug the device & you taxi fleet data is activated.

Advanced taxi fleet tracking systems helps car rental business owners as well their operations managers to have real time information about their cabs which are on roads. CabSaaS which is a web based car rental software comes with a pre integrated advanced taxi fleet tracking system which can be activated immediately by just plugging in an advanced vehicle tracking device into your cabs OBD port.

With this advanced taxi tracking device integration you will be able to get access to all important taxi fleet parameters straight into your CabSaaS Owner Admin Dashboard.

Main Advantages of advanced taxi fleet tracking devices

  • Improve customer experience significantly.

  • Helps you to reduce fuel, vehicle management & driver costs.

    Driver & cab health contribute significantly towards your car rental customer experience and advanced vehicle tracking device addresses these two critical factors in taxi business.

Partial list of some key features

  • Real time vehicle data tracking about Vehicle Speed, Location, Status, Route History.

  • Vehicle Trip Data like Single Trip Data, Multiple Trip Data for Week, Month, Mileage, Fuel, Time.

  • Driver Quality Tracking parameters like Hard Acceleration, Hard Braking , HighSpeed Driving , High / Low / Medium / Sharp Turns.

  • Vehicle health tracking parameters like Engine, Battery, Coolant, Emissions, Brake.

  • No need to use separate window for tracking your taxi fleet as the tracking is made available into a webs based car rental software.

  • A car rental reservations panel is also available to you with this car rental website.

  • Option to view vehicle moment past journey complete history & also playback entire journey for a selected day & taxi.

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CabSaaS is a complete, modern and very user friendly web based car rental software. CabSaaS makes your car rental business management streamlined, efficient, collaborative & also makes your car rental business management completely digital. Run & manage your car rental business any time, anywhere & through any device using a fleet management solution CabSaaS which has been created by those who have only worked for Indian car rental industry.

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