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  • Allows for car rental business operations management in a very professional way.

  • Have all your car rental business operations processes in one place & with highly secured back end.

  • Modern & 100% digital car rental business operations management without pen, paper & Excel sheets.

  • Eiminate doing boring & repetitive useless manual operations to improve business operations efficiency & productivity.

  • Run your entire car rental business operations even when it growns without needing huge team of people.

  • Eliminate huge spending to manage an inhouse IT team for managing car rental business operations software.

  • Collect structured business data related to all aspects of your car rental business operations.

  • Delight your customers - Have their details available quickly to refer any time you want.

  • Use readily available business information for better business decision making - Auto important business reports generation.

  • Customer self service facility - Mobile applications & web based booking faciliy.

  • Make your car rental business look modern - Modern & professional car rental website, customer, driver & vendor mobile applications.

  • Stay connected with your car rental business operations any time, anywhere & using any mobile device - Web based car rental business operations software

  • Car rental business & operations infrastructure to expand your business PAN India - Launch new car rental services, manage vendors.

  • Manage & monitor activities of your car rental operations team.

  • Permanent Freedom from any team business data leak & frauds - Role based access.

  • Never worry about business data back up - Download whenever you want it.

  • Connect all your car rental offices at different locations at one place to work effectively together.

  • Opportunity to use an ever improving car rental business opeartions system without huge initial investments.

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CabSaaS is a complete, modern and very user friendly web based car rental software. CabSaaS makes your car rental business management streamlined, efficient, collaborative & also makes your car rental business management completely digital. Run & manage your car rental business any time, anywhere & through any device using a fleet management solution CabSaaS which has been created by those who have only worked for Indian car rental industry.

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