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  • Some Indian car rental business owners prefer to call it web based car rental software.

  • Some prefer to call it a fleet management solution.

  • Some will prefer to call it Online cab booking engine.

  • Some will like to call it as a Taxi GST billing software.

  • & some will prefer it calling car rental CRM (or) car rental inventory management system.

  • Whatever name you as a car rental business owner prefer to call it you are right as CabSaaS can be names as any one of the above mentioned names.

Not only this CabSaaS is way more than all that all individual car rental business operations solutions mentioned above. CabSaaS is a modern, very easy to use web based car rental software created for Indian car rental business owners which makes car rental business operations management easy, effective, paperless. CabSaaS also makes an Indian car rental business ready for the digital age because it allows for 100% digital car rental business operations management any time, any where & using any device accessing it using the internet.

Making a car rental business modern & 100% digital has become very critical & a must in today's volatile Indian car rental industry because of the birth of app based car rental service providers & cab aggregators & many other car rental business models. India with ever increasing growth of people who are using the internet coupled by increasing ownership of smart phones & fueled by the rise of E-Commerce is changing consumer behavior where consumers are expecting service providers to deliver quality services in a very convenient way & a car rental business cannot escape these expectations.

While there are many factors which decide whether or not a consumer will proceed to do a transaction with a business but out of all such factors consumers who avail services expect service businesses to be be following systematic & transparent working processes while the services are being delivered to them & CabSaaS helps car rental business owners fulfill this expectation very very easily without needing to employ more people in operations (or) in their IT team.

CabSaaS gives Indian car rental business owners the opportunity to run their car rental business in a modern way using a quality car rental business operations solution without they needing to invest huge amount of money for the same.

An Indian car rental business owner (or) a travel company which provides car rental services can start using CabSaaS in less than 15 minutes after the Sign Up process is completed by them.

CabSaaS which a modern & user friendly car rental software offers many benefits to a car rental business/ car rental business owners some of which include below mentioned -

  • It makes car rental business operations management look very professional & organized for an Indian car rental business owner.

  • It helps Indian car rental business owners manage their car rental business operations with minimum manual effort because it kills clerical activities like manually sending booking details, driver details, accounts management etc.

  • It connects all individual business operations processes, communications including those related to business partners, employees, customers, vendors being able to be managed through a single Log In.

CabSaaS is a 360 degree car rental business operations suite for Indian car rental business owners which include below products as a part of it -

  • Car rental business owner/ admin operations back end panel which is centralized reservation, user, billing management system.

  • A modern car rental website with online cab booking facility with ready to use payment gateways connected to the owner/ admin operations back end panel.

  • Driver management mobile applications using which a business owner/ admin can dispatch booking to.

  • Mobile application for customer connected to the owner/ admin operations back end panel.

  • With CabSaaS Indian car rental business owners do not need to pay for any new upgrades which are released by the software service provider company which created it, with no software AMC while they only paying for what they use monthly.

    Not only this those who Sign Up for CabSaaS have lifetime free product support with a dedicated team available on phone & email to help you wherever needed.

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CabSaaS is a complete, modern and very user friendly web based car rental software. CabSaaS makes your car rental business management streamlined, efficient, collaborative & also makes your car rental business management completely digital. Run & manage your car rental business any time, anywhere & through any device using a fleet management solution CabSaaS which has been created by those who have only worked for Indian car rental industry.

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